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Meet Idris Vicuña, aka Eyedress.

The 27-year old Manila-based producer has come a long way since his debut EP, Supernatural, which released back in 2013. His album Manila Ice released last June, and recently dropped a new mixtape on Babe Slayer called Gwapo Gang. We had the time to ask him a few questions about his experiences in the Philippines, and check out what he has to say about it.

What do you think about culture here in the Philippines?

It’s developing. I’ve lived here since I was 15 in 2005 so you know, people used to see me differently. It's like they always have something bad to say and judge you by the color of your skin and whatever you got. You'll get used to it when you've lived here for a while. People have random ways of coping up, and I've been doing it through music. Looking further, I’ve seen a lot of kids come together and create things in the internet like clothing events, music, where people actually get to interact with each other. The scene is crazy.

What do you think about people getting into the hype and bashing each other off of it?

It’s childish, like it’s dramatic. I’m like older than everyone and it’s kind of immature. I guess some people are just slow to growing up. It’s not even that big of a deal. That’s why it’s annoying, its like people have an issue about everything, it’s not that deep. There are worse things going on right now. Martial Law has been declared in Marawi City, people killing people, and other crazy shit.

Filipinos making their own clothing label/line. What’s your take on it?

That’s cool, like just do it. Fuck everybody and do what you wanna do. Keep it real.

What about the rip-offs?

We can’t stop them. I’m not a very controlling person. Just do your thing. If they wanna rip shit off… I mean I rip shit off, not like the exact thing but I get what you mean though, rip-offs that make no sense. Haha

When did you think about leaving your band and started focusing on Eyedress?

I was in Bee Eyes, I played guitar and sang too. Our bassist left us and moved to Spain, around 2012 or 2013. I had more time to myself that’s how it happened. I just use the computer with ‘Eyedress’ and started making music.

Gigs in PH vs UK. How do you feel about it?

People here just have to step it up, like cause we’re up against the world like a lot of foreigners are fucking good so you just gotta be as good or better than them. You gotta up your game to get recognition here.

What is the connection between music and our culture?

I guess the heart of it all is it happens here, and everyone kind of deals with traffic, and just the normal shit we deal with and we all react to it differently so that inspires music, fashion, everything just the chaos. It’s chaos. Even if you’re rich or poor, you just have to deal with it, and the fucking government.

What can you say about The Third World?

I see it as like a good community. everyone gets to share what they like, Iike you know, I like these kinds of clothes, this is my style everyone has a freedom to express themselves. You can be gay, you can be straight, it’s mostlya lot of straight douchebags. Shoutouts to all the gay people who don’t give a fuck. Yeah you know, it’s cool people are selling stuff to each other, they meet through clothes, and all of a sudden there’s a connection, you know?

Your go-to brands?

I fuck with Brain Dead, Sex Skateboards, and Cav Empt.

Favorite local brands?

Just Babe Slayer… and Malacañang, of course. Lol

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Photos by: Maj Veloso
Artist: Eyedress
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