Pursuit Fair 2017 – Vol. 2


Subsequent to their first thriving event earlier this year, PURVEYR has succeeded with yet another promising assembly of local brands and businesses last weekend on December 17, 2017 in STKD Zeppelin, at 11 Brixton Street, Pasig City. In an attempt to cultivate the perception of Filipinos towards local goods, PURVEYR's Pursuit Fair supplied the community with the space to commune, collaborate, and exhibit what the Philippines' local scene can contribute.

The clothing and accessories were provided by Tenement, The Starving Artist, Wednesday, Enimal, BASTARD, Salty., Proudrace, ROYALTY, We Drool Supply Co., REVERE, SYF, Thy Origins, Kwago, BUZZHYPE, Eight Wolves, Homme Boy, Pundesal, KLTRD, Factory, Will Skin, TheNative, Folk 1006, OS, Salad Day, Mumma's Boy, The Twelfth House, Randolf, GEN. MDSE - General Merchandise, Transit Store, Bad Student, MNLA, and U-A. There were also food and beverages delivered by Tetsuo, Bao Bar Escolta, Manila Creamery, and Barik Supremo Lambanog.

To keep the party going, live performances were also executed by Asch, Daryl Virgil Ladioray (Sax), John Levi Masuli (Keyboard), and Butta B - Bea Alonso Te to conclude the night.


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IMAGES: @IZAadavid