Pursuit Fair 2018 - Vol. 3


VOL. 3 PURVEYR has yet again successfully launched another volume of the Pursuit Fair last June 16, 2018 at Century City Mall, Makati. As it says on their Facebook event page, the Pursuit Fair is “an initiative for creative and thoughtful local brands to create a platform for commerce, creativity, and community.” This year’s fair featured a bigger variety of local brands compared to last year. More brands were welcomed this year such as It's Vintage, Howler Supply, Léon Denim, Randolf, OJK, MHC, Drone Clothing Co., Pundesal, Nobody, The Maverick PH, Salad Day, Finn, Slick Barbers Co., Quasi-, POPULACE.co, Katha, Quirk Clothing, Slaves Øf Liberty, Nomadic Tendencies, Habin, Lawud, R-U-A, Mellow, Philken Kendama, Studio Hábil, Ninong Originals, BUZZHYPE, Sow, Sa Store, Ever Since, Guppy Shorts, Saan Saan, Tomorrow, Mumma's Boy, CRVST, Someyoung, and Tipsy Lemon. Brands which were exhibited the previous Pursuit Fair were also welcomed such as REVERE, Transit Store, Proudrace, Enimal, KLTRD, ROYALTY, Tenement, Wednesday, Kwago, The Starving Artist, We Drool, MN+LA, Thy Origins, SYF, Barik Supremo Lambanog, Bao Bar PH, and TETSUO. The space was packed with people who were interested in purchasing goods from the best brands the local streetwear scene can offer. There were also live performances, as well as food and beverages, to cater to the people’s needs. A crafty lounge was also provided for by PURVEYR for people to hang in between their purchases.